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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Commissary Adventures: Using Overage at Your Commissary

Surprisingly many people are not aware of how to use overage or what it even is. I would know because I had NO CLUE...and I consider myself to be in the know on most things military.

Well have I got a juicy tip for you that can save you major bucks. Watch the video below and then take a look below the video for more information.

Many spouses have stated that commissary cashiers are not aware of the policy. To prevent any issues the good ladies at A Full Cup have been so sweet to post the DECA Commissary Policy Handbook which verifies that the commissary honors overage on page 44 7-4N.  Below is a screenshot of the specific page in the policy that covers the overage policy.
Hooah & Smooches

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  1. woo hoo you used my tip :) love your blog! xoxo


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