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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great News...MYCAA Will Resume Operations But.......

We all know what happened with the whole MYCAA fiasco. If your not sure watch my MYCAA video where I explain it all and then some.

This morning I was notified via a MYCAA Facebook group I am in that MYCAA will resume operations March 13, 2010 at 12PM but only for spouses who have applied and been approved for the program already. Spouses wishing to apply for MYCAA for the first time will have to stay tuned. You can view the details by clicking the official MYCAA link below.

This is the message I received when I went to the official MYCAA site .

"A Message from DoD:

 In the days following the announcement of a temporary pause of the Career Advancement Account - MyCAA - we have heard your feedback, suggestions and concerns.

We are pleased to announce that the MyCAA program will resume operations on March 13, 2010, at 12 p.m., noon (EST), for military spouses who currently have existing MyCAA accounts.  Those who have an existing account will have access to the entire Web site, including the ability to create and have financial documents approved.

We are currently developing options for the long-term management of the program and expect to be able to announce the details soon.  Until then, no new accounts can be created.  During this time, Military OneSource Spouse Education and Career Consultants will continue to be available to provide education and training, career exploration, assessment, employment readiness and career search assistance. "
Tommy T. Thomas
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Military Community and Family Policy

I am glad to see the DOD is doing something but I will be even more happy when it is available to all again.

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  1. In messages to schools today from the program director...

    "MyCAA will not fund any courses that do not have an
    approved financial assistance document prior to the start date of the

    This means that if your approval or request for approval was prevented due to the 'halt' you are not eligible for any government payment for those courses. So, they still have some work to do to get this right.

    No doubt, some have started classes during the 'halt' and were thus prevented from getting their requests and approvals processed due to the 'halt', however, all others will have requests and approvals honored. So, hopefully by all of us writing, you can get this gap closed and remove any impact it might have for still thousands that were impacted for classes that have started during the 'halt.'

    Great work by all for taking citizen action and getting results. Thanks too should go to the military lobbying organizations that got an immediate and impactful result on the behalf of its membership, their spouses and the military community.

  2. I wasn't signed up for this program, but I'm still angered by the halt and the subsequent issues it's caused. So much for all the rhetoric that "families come first." Actions speak louder than words.

  3. The halt made me very angry, enough so to start righting letters. I am glad it is back (sort-of) and hope the program gets better organized.

  4. Oops :) writing letters not righting. good thing the program is back on looks like I might need a refresher course in english


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