Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blahhh....The Holidays!

I admit it I haven't heavily blogged because I have a somewhat severe case of the holiday blues.

I fully intended on making a huge Thanksgiving post but I got caught up in cooking and then my blues kicked in and that post never came to be. In any event this past Thursday was my second Thanksgiving without the hubby here and in comparison to the previous one without him, this one was relatively quiet. I cooked a small meal which didn't consist of turkey because I wasn't going to spend $32 on a huge bird since that's all the commissary seemed to have left. I did however bake a nice whole chicken with all the traditional Thanksgiving sides.

I honestly can't see why my blues were so heavy I mean my neighbors came over to partake in sampling each others dishes which was fun. Who am I kidding? My husband wasn't here nothing could make up for that.

As of lately I have been trying real hard to get into the Christmas spirit and for the most part I think I have done really well, until I see the other husbands outside hanging lights with staple guns and my poor lights were hung with tape no wonder those suckers fell out the window.

The kids and I did manage to get the tree up see...

Well my great readers I wish I did have some great advice on how to get through the holidays, but quite honestly I don't. I can however tell you what I've been doing:

1.Indulging in online Christmas Card Exchanges ( This will definitely kill some time writing a ton of cards out)

2.I started Xmas shopping early mainly because I usually try to get my kids more when dad is gone (call it spoiling them if you will) because I admit I tend to feel guilty that they don't have their dad around all year and especially for the holidays.

3.Completely screwing up my diet by trying new cookie recipes from All Recipes. That site is addictive if you love to cook and try new foods.

4. Going overboard on care packages for the hubs, putting together a Christmas care package can be hard work.

Hopefully one of the above can be helpful to you *smile*.

Well everyone I thank you for letting me go off on a tangent and torment you with one of my 3AM all over the place blog entries.

Stay tuned for one of Army Wife 101's regularly scheduled post!

Hooah & Smooches

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

"It's About Time" Giveaway/Contest

Army Wife 101 is honored to participate in the "It's About Time" sponsored by 3A Watch Group as a way to show their support and appreciation for America's service members and their families.

We are looking for military spouses to share their stories of community service, deployment stories, or how you helped another spouse in a time of need.

Each week Army Wife 101 will choose a winner to receive a new watch for them and their spouse from 3A's new line of watches inspired by our own military.

The Us Army Watch line makes it's official debut November 20th at your nearest AAFES and participating Macy's retailers along with several boutiques nationwide.

Visit US Army Watches to check out these awesome watches. I have checked them out personally and the creators of these watches really went out of their way to design watches that are masculine , durable and stylish for men but also chic and stylish watches for women.

You can enter by simply leaving a comment below sharing a story of community service , a deployment story , or how you helped another spouse in need.

Look forward to hearing from all of you!

Hooah & Smooches

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Army Wife 101: Living Onpost

Hey everyone I apologize in advance for the quality of this video.

Sometimes I just like uploading my video directly without having to use the webcam.

In any event enjoy the video lot's of good information and I am sure that I will answer a few of your onpost questions.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Happy Veteran's Day

Thinking of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to my husband and all the other service members who are selfless and humble and serve our country. You men and women are brave and have my utmost respect & support. Happy Veteran's Day!



Hooah & Smooches

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Care Packages

Yes ladies believe it or not Halloween just passed and Turkey Day is rapidly clucking it's way around the corner.

For those of us with deployed spouses a good portion of us will probably be trying to concoct a package to put together for our soldiers. If your anything like me then you admit that your creatively challenged when it comes to making cute care packages.

Thanks to a sweet lady named Jess on one of the military spouse forums I visit, I have the pleasure of showing you her "Thanksgiving Care Package" which I absolutely thought was so adorable and creative. I am sure the lucky recipient will enjoy.

Thanks Jess for allowing me to share pictures of your care package!

So next I know your thinking well what the heck can I put in this Thanksgiving care package?

I found a cool article with some great tips. Check it out here.

I also came across this list of ideas:
Thanksgiving box

* turkey spam
* cans for veggies
* can of cranberry
* Paper Plates
* cups
* Thanksgiving decorations from the dollar stores
* cute paper pumpkins from Halloween
The idea listed below comes from Bella Online

"Thanksgiving: This is always the hardest holiday for me to send packages since it mainly revolves around food. One idea that I’ve heard of others doing that I love is celebrating Thanksgiving early and placing a video camera in the chair where he would sit if he was there. Record the dinner, send him the tape and he can play the tape while he eats his own Thanksgiving dinner. Last Thanksgiving, I sent my soldier substitutes for the traditional dinner. For turkey, he received jerky; for rice, rice cakes; for corn, candy corn; for potatoes, potato chips; the list goes on. It was definitely the most creative package I have put together."

Now that we got the care package ideas out of the way I wanted to put up a reminder about sending care packages overseas. I know I personally have had to give myself a little tutorial on how to fill out customs forms several times. If you need a reminder check out Filling Out Customs Form For Care Packages

Lastly I wanted to post the information to get your FREE Military Care Package Shipping Kit:

Military Care Package Mailing Kit
Since Priority Mail service supplies are the packaging of choice for families preparing care packages for service members overseas, the USPS has created a "Mili-kit" based on the items most frequently requested by the military.
The kit contains:

* Three (3) each of flat rate boxes O-FRB1 and O-FRB2
* Two (2) each of Cube boxes OBOX7
* Address labels - Label # 228: 8 each
* Address labels - Label # 106-A: 1 each
* Customs FORM 2976-A: 8 EA.
* Customs FORM Envelope 2976-E: 8 EA.
To order your kit and have it delivered straight to your door call 1-800-610-8734 (Packing Supply)

* Choose your language (“1” is English, “2” is Spanish).
* Choose option 1 (it states it is for Express Mail service, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed).
* When you reach a live agent, request “CAREKIT04.”
* Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Note: These are free supplies, postage must be affixed.
Also keep in mind FREE APO and FPO boxes can always be ordered by visiting the USPS site. The boxes will be delivered straight to your door.

I hope these Thanksgiving Care Package ideas are helpful to you and that you will share your ideas in the comments below.

Stay tuned for ideas on Christmas care packages which by the way need to be sent out soon to be received in time for Christmas.

Hooah & Smooches

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Updates & Announcements

Helloooo to all my wonderful readers!

I know it seems like I have been MIA and kinda slacking and you would be right *smile*.
Ok ok ...actually I have just been extremely busy outside of the house as well as working on some really great things for Army Wife 101 and for you my loyal readers.

As for updates their are quite a few:

* First Congratulation to our winners of "The 50th Follower Visa GC Contest" and the "Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway".
Jennifer at
Vanessa atA Military Wife's Mayhem

*Army Wife 101 has joined in to help spread the word about Vets Prevail, a program for Vets and service members returning from combat zones who may need help getting readjusted to life after deployment. You can read my blog entry about it.
If you know someone who you feel this program can be of help to contact me and I will give you a code to access Vets Prevail before the official Veteran's Day Launch of the program.

* Can't say to much about it yet but Army Wife 101 has been asked to join onto an awesome campaign for us military spouses for a new product launching. This includes several giveaways. I am going to need some of you to share your deployment stories, and just everyday stories on how you survive the sometimes tough life as a military spouse. You can start emailing them to Army Wife 101 at or
Please put "My Story" in the Subject Line.

*Army Wife 101 will be doing a series on several topics relating to military life. these include PCS moves, Pay, Life Onpost etc. They will be exciting and easy to understand , I am also sure they will address the FAQ's that alot of us spouses have.

* Don't forget to check out The DFAC I added a new video today and have another appetizer video I'll be adding shortly.

* Don't forget to check out Army Wife 101's Freebie Of the Day. I try to update daily but as of lately unless I find absolutely decent freebies I won't list them but I will be updating them today.

*For all my new readers don't forget to check out the video tutorials which can be found here.

* Lastly please feel free to contact Army Wife 101 with your questions by clicking "Ask Army Wife 101" at the top of your screen.

Oh no one more thing I want to thank a wonderful blog buddy named Angela. She awarded me A Best Blog Award and I just want to THANK her. She has been so sweet to me and not to mention has an awesome blog where she shares tidbits of her daily life...witty advice and all around interesting information. She is a great writer and I want you to stop by and show her some blog love by visiting Angela's Soliloquy

I know this particular entry was painfully (ok not really) long but it's great info that I needed to share!

Whew wee glad I got that it's off for some coffee!

Hooah & Smooches

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vets Prevail

As a military spouse with a husband currently on a second tour to Iraq, I am a strong advocate and committed to helping our returning service members seek help for issues that may arise due to the emotional toll being in a combat zone can take on one.

With that said I was honored to be contacted to help spread the word about "Vets Prevail" a six week ,program which service members can access from the privacy of their own home. The sessions are delivered via Instant Message chat sessions and interactive videos along with licensed professionals.

Vets Prevail is developed by Vets for Vets and current service members. Service members and vets can take full comfort in knowing this program was developed by people who have been exactly where they are. I was recently given the opportunity to take a look at the program and can say that it is easy to use and very well put together.

Please take a look at the Vets Prevail Viral Video below. If you have a spouse or a family member who you feel the Vets Prevail program could help , please send an email to

Army Wife 101 has been given 15 access codes to share before the official Veteran's Day launch of Vet's Prevail.

Your information shall and will remain confidential and once ,I issue you a code I will no longer have access to your information.

Visit Vets Prevail to learn more.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

$50 Visa Giftcard Winner Issssssss.......

Drum Rolllllllllllllllllllll..........................

Is Simply_Unique from It's Just Simply Unique


Thanks for entering the "50th Follower Contest".

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!!

Hooah & Smooches
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