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Monday, November 16, 2009

"It's About Time" Giveaway/Contest

Army Wife 101 is honored to participate in the "It's About Time" sponsored by 3A Watch Group as a way to show their support and appreciation for America's service members and their families.

We are looking for military spouses to share their stories of community service, deployment stories, or how you helped another spouse in a time of need.

Each week Army Wife 101 will choose a winner to receive a new watch for them and their spouse from 3A's new line of watches inspired by our own military.

The Us Army Watch line makes it's official debut November 20th at your nearest AAFES and participating Macy's retailers along with several boutiques nationwide.

Visit US Army Watches to check out these awesome watches. I have checked them out personally and the creators of these watches really went out of their way to design watches that are masculine , durable and stylish for men but also chic and stylish watches for women.

You can enter by simply leaving a comment below sharing a story of community service , a deployment story , or how you helped another spouse in need.

Look forward to hearing from all of you!

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  1. We are currently 3 months into our second deployment but our third long seperation. The time seems to be going by quickly. I am a SAHM of a 5 year old boy in Kindergarten and a 1 year od daughter. My son has always done very well during the previous seperations and he is doing ok so far with this one but some new issues have come up. IT's crazy the difference between the ages of 3 and 5. He really misses his Dad this time. He is acting up a little and not listening to me like he usually does. I am usually the disciplinarian and he knows Mom means buisness but he is starting to test me. I guess he wants to see if I will stand my ground even with Dad gone. He isn't being terrible just pushing the little things, like bed time and whining a bit more. Trying to fill the rolls of both Mom and Dad to a very ACTIVE 5 year are proving to be trying. We are outside a lot, bike riding, having water gun fights, just playing. It is teaching me to relax a bit and focus on the things that are truely important. So maybe I didn't get the house cleaned or the laundry done today but I spent some fun, quality time with my kids and we are all going to bed happy, counting down the days for Daddy's return.

    Thanks !!

  2. Sorry, I forgot to leave my contact info ;(

    thanks for your great posts



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