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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blahhh....The Holidays!

I admit it I haven't heavily blogged because I have a somewhat severe case of the holiday blues.

I fully intended on making a huge Thanksgiving post but I got caught up in cooking and then my blues kicked in and that post never came to be. In any event this past Thursday was my second Thanksgiving without the hubby here and in comparison to the previous one without him, this one was relatively quiet. I cooked a small meal which didn't consist of turkey because I wasn't going to spend $32 on a huge bird since that's all the commissary seemed to have left. I did however bake a nice whole chicken with all the traditional Thanksgiving sides.

I honestly can't see why my blues were so heavy I mean my neighbors came over to partake in sampling each others dishes which was fun. Who am I kidding? My husband wasn't here nothing could make up for that.

As of lately I have been trying real hard to get into the Christmas spirit and for the most part I think I have done really well, until I see the other husbands outside hanging lights with staple guns and my poor lights were hung with tape no wonder those suckers fell out the window.

The kids and I did manage to get the tree up see...

Well my great readers I wish I did have some great advice on how to get through the holidays, but quite honestly I don't. I can however tell you what I've been doing:

1.Indulging in online Christmas Card Exchanges ( This will definitely kill some time writing a ton of cards out)

2.I started Xmas shopping early mainly because I usually try to get my kids more when dad is gone (call it spoiling them if you will) because I admit I tend to feel guilty that they don't have their dad around all year and especially for the holidays.

3.Completely screwing up my diet by trying new cookie recipes from All Recipes. That site is addictive if you love to cook and try new foods.

4. Going overboard on care packages for the hubs, putting together a Christmas care package can be hard work.

Hopefully one of the above can be helpful to you *smile*.

Well everyone I thank you for letting me go off on a tangent and torment you with one of my 3AM all over the place blog entries.

Stay tuned for one of Army Wife 101's regularly scheduled post!

Hooah & Smooches


  1. Thinking about you! The holidays definitely suck without the men around...I had the "pleasure" of going through it last year. Sounds like you've got some great ideas to keep yourself busy and put yourself in the Christmas spirit :)

  2. The holidays suck without them around. One thing I did that my husband still talks about is I videoed Christmas morning and had it turned into a DVD and sent it to him so he could see our son unwrap his gifts. I spoiled our son that year too. It's hard not to want to try to make up for dad not being there.


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