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Ask Army Wife 101: How to Find Work Onpost

*I received a question from a reader about working on post. I thought this was an great topic since I have not really touched on the different career options and career counseling programs offered on many military installations for military spouses.

Q. Hello, I am a new Army wife and I feel so overwhemed. My son and I are moving from California to Fort Lewis WA to live onpost. My question is about working on post. I work in social services and my husband said that im sure to find a job there on post, but I dont know what the process of applying is like. Are there services there that can assist me in finding a job?

A. Nicole, their are many programs online and within the military support community to help you locate work on and off post. I have learned that if you prefer to work onpost that usually you will be working for a contract company or the government. Your first step to applying for a job onpost is to visit the Army Civilian Personnel Online site better known as CPOL. This is a site through the Army that many spouses I know personally have used to apply for jobs at their current military installation or surrounding bases. You can seek and apply for onpost employment USA Jobs. There are a plethora of other job hunting sites but these are the most recommended.

In speaking with my friend (another military spouse) who has held numerous contract and government positions onpost , she informed me that for the most part everything is done by computer when it comes to the application process. Alittle birdy put into my ear that the computer seeks out certain keywords when sorting through the many applications they receive. They informed me that this is why it is so important to read the specialized experience and other requirements on the vacancy announcement thoroughly.

If you would like to receive career guidance their are quite a few paths you can take to get career counseling or advice. The first and most obvious one (at least in my opinion) would have to be to visit Military One Source which has a wide array of services to help military spouses find careers in their chosen field as well as in a particular location. The Spouse Career Center also has some great information as well as communities where you can chat with other spouses seeking employment. CPOL which I mentioned at the beginning of this post also offers some excellent advice on careers for spouses. 

The above information relates to seeking employment through the internet. If you want to speak to someone face to face,consider visiting your local ACS (Army Community Services) which provides all types of services for soldiers and their families.

Lastly you will want to know that most likely you will qualify for Military Spouse Preference. In summary MSP(according to provides priority in the employment selection process for military spouses who have had to relocate due to a PCS. Keep in mind MSP does not guarantee you a job. You can learn more about MSP here.

Best of luck!
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