Friday, March 19, 2010

When Single Soldiers Occupy Housing!!!!

* I do realize that this post might be alittle confusing do to the phrase in the title "Single Soldier" . When I referred to that I mainly was referring  to soldiers who are married but there spouse  has not arrived at the duty station yet. From another reader's viewpoint I could have been referring to soldiers who have children but are not married...forgive the confusion and read on anyway *hehe*

This post came to my mind today when I talked to a friend who is stationed at a Army Post that shall remain nameless (ahem think of where the book Army Wives takes place)  informed me that 4 bedroom homes there were being occupied by people with less then the required amount of dependents to fill those homes. That's another topic for another day but it did get me thinking to does housing really pay attention to those who occupy the homes?

Case in point...about 7 months ago a single soldier arrived across the street from me . I had noticed the day he arrived that a bunch of other male soldiers were outside jumping around excitedly , like they had never seen a house before. It wasn't until three months later that I found out that the only person living there was the soldier. Yes that means no wife, no kids, no one except him oh does the constant flow of females and single soldier room mates count. Hence there excitement they had obtained themselves a freshly built bachelor pad. Now don't get me wrong my neighbor is actually a pretty cool person he watches out for our houses and is a funny guy. At the end of the day we all know his wife who lives in another state is not coming here to I ask myself and housing why is he still living there?

This same situation occurred when we were stationed in Georgia and a soldiers wife had left the home with the kids and yet he remained there. I was subjected to constant partying ( I mean it looked like a block party every weekend) for my husband last 15 month deployment.

Now realistically on paper many times a married soldier who does have dependents who plan to arrive shortly after can qualify for a family home onpost, but what I wish housing would do is actually verify that the dependents have arrived and now occupy the home. Their is absolutely no reason that a new housing area onpost should have to deal with constant partying, broods of single men in and out , and females who live in housing as if they are actually military spouses. Do not get me wrong I am quite aware that these same issues can take place just as easily with married couples, but at the same token I think they magnify when your dealing with a single person.

Whewww now that I've got that out my system share your stories or comments below and let me know Should single soldiers be allowed to occupy family housing?

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  1. That's so frustrating! This is one of the reasons we want to live off-post! ;)

  2. This actually really bothers me when people do this. They could easily get an apartment off post. Housing is limited, and they are taking up precious space that familes with actual wives and children need.

  3. Well, on your first note about the post that shall not be named ;) - is where we are stationed.. And I know someone personally who has a 4 bedroom house because "technically" they have 3 kids. One child lives with his mother (from a previous marriage), one child is in foster care (for health/personal reasons), and their daughter lives with them. Soo, my husband, my son and myself living in a small house with 2 bedrooms because I only have one child, you can see my aggravation when she really only has one child living there and is taking advantage of the system. Someone in housing needs to step their game up and start checking on these things!

  4. wow thats crazy! We haven't seen a problem like that out here. they are actually so much more strict i guess because all our housing is off base. When i became preggo you can clearly see my tummy huge but that wasnt enough they still wanted a doctors note fine no problem but what was the point if they didnt plan to move us until the baby was here (3 months after the baby was here) it was ridiculous to have all the baby stuff and our stuff in a ONE bedroom apt. I would be very very very frustrated to see a single person live in a huge house. btw we have 2 kids and we still have a 2bedroom boooo

  5. It's hard not to say yes... when I found out my friend has a neighbour occupying a 4 bedroom RHU (Residential Housing Unit), all by himself, while and couple I know are separated right now trying to get a place.

    They single guys do have apartments that they can have. Families don't have that many RHUs available, so I don't believe that single men should have the family housing.

  6. No, housing doesn't pay attention. What do they care? They still get our money each month no matter where we live. Just another example of why gov't contracts should go to quality companies, not just the lowest bidder.

  7. Heck no they shouldn't be allowed housing! My husband is stationed at Ft Knox and we have already been waiting a month for on base housing. We live in Louisville that is about a 45 minute drive to work we have a 4 month old daughter who barely gets to see her dad because we live so far away!


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