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Rubbermaid Junk Drawer Organizer...Review & GIVEAWAY *CLOSED*

We all know the life ....the Military life!
The constant PCS moves can leave even the most organized of them all alittle unorganized and we can all use alittle organizational help to makes things easier.

That's why I was truly happy when Rubbermaid asked me to try out their new Junk Drawer Organizers. In the spirit of Spring cleaning even though I absolutely refuse to Spring clean because I'm too lazy I decided to at least organize of my junk drawers which in my case is my makeup drawer. Below you will see a picture of my make up drawer. The problem is that is just one of my four drawers. It is completely out of control and no reason for it to look this bad.

                                                 Here is the before without the organizers:

Thank you lord for the organizers. I really enjoyed neatly tucking my makeup into each individual compartment. The organizers also interlock so they pretty much stay together when putting them in the drawer. You also do not necessarily have to use each piece of the organizer which means you can add and remove at your leisure. The set in total comes with six pieces so it gives you a good amount of storage space to work with. It also has rubber tabs on the bottom so the organizers will stay in place in the drawers.  I absolutely had no complaints with the junk drawer organizer. Below are the after pictures:
Rubbermaid has 3 great tips to a functional junk drawer:
  1. Give junk drawer inhabitants a specific place to live in the drawer.
  2. Do not throw things in the junk drawer that belong elsewhere.
  3. Clean the drawer out every once in a while.
You can visit Rubbermaid for more information on the junk drawer organizers.

Rubbermaid is giving one of Army Wife 101's readers a chance to win the Junk Drawer organizer set.

To Enter:
1. Leave a comment below letting me know what's in your junk drawer. (Please leave a valid email so I may contact you if your the winner.)
2.Subscribe to my blog by email and let me know you did by leaving a comment below also.

Optional Entries: In order to to enter using optional entries you must do the mandatory entries above. You do NOT have to do the optional entries to participate in this giveaway.

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I received the product above to try out and review and give my honest opinion. My opinions are mine and mine only and you may have a different opinion of the product. I only received the product above and no other form of compensation was received.

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  1. I love drawer organizers!!

    My "junk" drawer has turned into a dropping zone for my extra wooden spoons and other random kitchen utensils that I don't use on a regular basis. I have an uber small kitchen with next to no storage space, so thankfully it limits the number of junk drawers I can have, but then again over half of my kitchen stuff is still boxed up in the gargae for this very reason :)

    Also I'm a fan on Facebook :)

    Here's my email:

  2. i want to organize my kids hair bows....i have a junk drawer full and they need to be separated

  3. im a facebook fan

  4. i tweeted @mymomfessions

  5. Our junk drawer is in our kitchen, always has been! It consists of well.. junk. Old batteries, pen, pencils, tape, supposed important papers, staples, thumbtacks. I tried to at least put a basket inside for the pens but that didn't last very long! This organizer would be great in our junk drawer!

    PS, I subscribed to your blog & was already a fan on facebook :)


  6. I'm a YouTube fan, Facebook fan and Twitter fan.

    My junk drawers, yes plural, I have three in the kitchen. One holds papers, old mail, phonebooks and maps . Drawer two hold pens, clips, menus, batteries and power cords to cell phones. Drawer three holds kitchen towels, pot holders, postage stamps, checks, envelops, and caps to spice jars.

  7. Junk Drawer in the kitchen has flash lights, batteries, random pens/markers

    Junk Drawer in the downstairs bathroom keeps all the hair ties, brushes, hair products

    One in our upstairs bathroom is more of a junk canvas bin and it keeps all my hair dye, bleach, brushes, hair color and all my other hair supplies I dont want the kids getting into

  8. My junk drawers consist of a bunch of everything. I have a bunch of makeup all over the place. Also my kitchen drawers are filled with tools on one side of the kitchen and could use some organizing as well. No matter how many times I clean them out, they still manage to go back to the way they were before. On the other side of the kitchen I have bills, ink pens, batteries, and whatever else I thought to throw in the drawer. My list can go on and on, but this organizer would be great for my drawers to be more organized and so things can be easily found.

    My email address:
    I am also a fan on Facebook!!

  9. I also subscribed to your blog.

  10. I read someones blogspot about junk drawers and PCSing she said just throw it all out I cringed at some point I will need that one certain piece of junk :D nails, screws, twist ties, rubber bands, menus, paint brushes and a hunk of dry play doh the girls made a blarney stone lol I love your FB page and blog..oh and thanks for the FB msg the other day pointing out the tutorial on PCSING loved it

  11. My junk drawers are in my bathroom and kitchen. I end up using shoe boxes to store away those small items that are not being used at the moment such as pens, screws, nails...etc.

  12. My junk drawer is everywhere in the house.. in the kitchen with my utensils, in the bathroom with my make-ups, in the room where I have tapes, envelopes, stamps, headphones, battery cords, usb, pens, stickers, glue, all that office stuff. And I loved what you did with one of your make-up drawer, it looks soooo organized!! Amazing!

    I am a facebook fan and my email is

  13. We have been Spring cleaning this week after reading Oprah's article on decluttering. I love how you used it for MU. I am a MU hoarder so this would help lots with my shelfs of it, lol! We have a shelve in the common area where we put anything from unit crest/patches, pencils, pens, erasers, coupons, etc & this organizer would be great for it! I follow you on FB, blog, twitter & YT :)

  14. What does my junk drawer NOT have in it?!! I even did a post about it and showed photos. I have everything from pens, markers, keys, scissors, change, batteries, nail files, buttons, box tops for education....the list is endless!!!

  15. My junk drawers..ahh where to begin! The one in the kitchen is a mixture of batteries, pens, pencils, sharpies,scissors, thumb tacks and whatever random-ness finds its way off the counter! The bathroom one holds nail clippers, hairties, bobby pins, extra contact lens cases and..well, whatever else makes its way in there also!

    I fanned your FB and here's my email

  16. I am now getting updates from your blog...great source of info and articles.

  17. Ahhhh...which junk drawer to admit too. Well, I do have the handy junk drawer for kids arts and crafts. This has temp tatoos, crayons from about every resturant in a 60 mile radius, stickers, random colored pencils, safety scissors, balloons, $1 craft bags from Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics, and the list goes on. It is so full that things have been pushed out the top back of the drawer into the cabinets below. :-} Wow! Did I just really admit all of that on a blog?

  18. I have more than one that needs to be organized. I could do one or two in the kitchen. There is always more than one in the bathroom.
    But most of all my scrapbooking room! :-)

  19. Oh yes and by the I follow your blog, I am a FB and Twitter follower :-) Have a great night!

  20. A ridiculous amount of pens & pencils, random "pieces" of games, hardware, pizza coupons, tape, glow-sticks... I've subscribed and done all of the necessary Facebook joining and Twitter tweeting!

    I LOVE organizer thing-a-ma-bobs!

    My email is tullystone at yahoo dotcom :)

  21. How about a junk room? Not to mention under my boys' bed. Goodness only knows whats living under them with the dust bunnies and action guys. Have a good one.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Whats in my drawer is screws, pens, coupons, thunb tacks, crayons, tape and warranties.

    Thats not to bad is it? subcribes to your blog also.

  24. Tatjana Boardley is a FB fan


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