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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Army Wife 101 Real Talk: Likes/Dislikes About The Commissary

As much as many of us shop at the commissary , we all have a some issues with it at times. Today my friend and I discussed our likes and dislikes about our local commissaries.

* NOTE* We are in no way bashing the commissary but as frequent patrons we feel we have every right to share our concerns.

Feel free to join in the conversation by leaving your comments below or on the Army Wife 101 Facebook Fan Club.

Excuse our Candidness by the way...We are BFF's so we are alittle crazy when chatting!


  1. My complaint about the commissary is that it's touted as a deal for us, but so much of the stuff is the same price or more expensive than the regular grocery store. The only things I've found to be consistently less expensive are meats and candy. The meats except the beef are usually frozen though. What's up with that?

    I do agree with the produce going bad sooner than a regular grocery store. You can even tell our produce isn't even as high of quality when you go to buy it as other stores. I think it may have to do with traffic. I don't think they turn fresh product over as fast as larger stores that are open to the general public.

    I do LOVE the regional dairy that our commissary gets milk and half and half and stuff from. It's a better quality than what I can find elsewhere. Our commissary has an AWESOME bakery too. I love to get fresh buns for burgers and hoagies.

  2. My biggest gripe is that there are very few off brand sold there. Is it too hard to ask for some off brand milk so I don't always have to buy dairygold! Also my commisary doesn't bake Donuts... I have to drive 7 miles just to get a box of donuts from Safeway... it would make it so much easier and save me driving time!

  3. DISLIKE: my biggest complaint happens mostly around payday... its truly a gaggle of idiots in there. its like people forget how to walk or something and then just stand in front of stuff and dont move. or they block the whole aisle! thinking about it gives me a headache. haha. also some of the baggers can be quite rude. but not all are. and the produce isnt always all that fresh, which is sad
    LIKE: some of the baggers/cashiers are super sweet and make me smile. they take coupons from other stores like safeway, etc. which is nice, they usually have better deals than the regular grocery store, and the meat is a lottttt cheaper and is pretty good quality.

  4. not enough parking spaces!!!!! we shouldnt have to park at the px or the furniture store to shop at the commissary

    not enough parking spaces for pregnant women!!!!

    they never have enough food on post here and some foods i frequently buy they dont have so i shop at the NEX a lot...

    foods in the bakery expire like the next day so i bake a lot more than usual

    fresh fruit..what's that???“

    as a side note..... when u and ur 2 oldest kids and ur husband ALL have a shopping cart...i think its a little ridiculous! leave the rest of some some food

    i do like when they only restrict ppl to 1 or 2 of a certain item (see above)

    the baggers are always friendly when i go

    other than that i have no gripes.... being that i am in hawaii when i compare the foods with those in the local grocery i guess we are getting a "bargain????"

  5. My biggest complaint is they have how many registers like 15 yet only will have 3 open, especially on payday, WTH?!

  6. Since Lowry AFB closed in 1994 and we arrived in Colorado in 1995, our commissary for years was a restored barn at the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center until that closed in 1999 and the new commissary opened at Buckly AFB.

    So, my biggest complaint is that it is cheaper to buy groceries at Sam's Club rather than the commissary. Agreed that at Sam's I am buying in bulk, but some of the prices are uncalled for like, Pace Picante Sauce is $2.99 for a 16 oz jar and at Sam's it's 4.59 for a 64 oz jar...that's huge! My other gripe is that there isn't a whole lot of variety, but manly because of the space that is available. And the only other complaint I have that I bring up every year since our commissary has opened is that there are NO Kosher for Passover items during the Passove Holidays. I'm always told that there are no vendors that carry those products, well, I'm not the only one asking/complaining and I think they should carry some Passover products even if it's only an endcap full of items.

    Okay, I'm done venting....otherwise I really enjoy shopping at our commissary and I am grateful to have priveledges to shop there. The people that work there are awesome, some vegetable prices are very's hit or miss for freshness, but when you hit the right time, it's great. They do carry a variety of vegetarian product which I am grateful for and all of those products, Boca and Morning Star are definitely cheaper than any other place I have found. Also, all of the canned items are usually cheaper, but I wish the commissary would keep stocked like other grocery stores, it's hit or miss with that too. Opps, said I was done venting!

    Thanks for a great video and a great question.


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