Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Basket Care Package Ideas

If you have been reading my blog you know that I usually do a post on different holiday care packages. As you know Easter is approaching and while hubby isn't usually into the cutesy wootsie stuff, I thought it would be cute to send a care package with the Easter spirit in mind. While it's nothing creative or new by any means it will give anyone new to care packages an idea of what to put in them and how to put them together.

To learn more about sending packages overseas check out this past blog post.

                               Share your Easter care package ideas below in the comments section.

Hooah & Smooches!


  1. i like this its a good idea i will have to try that on the next deployment..

  2. aww thats so cute the eggs on the grass cute but still very manly for our men :)
    My husband then bf made it so hard he didn't like candy and didn't eat junk food. Im happy to say i've changed that lol. I would send boxes of bite size snacks stuff he could stick in his pockets and eat on the go. Also those little just add water kool-aid , gatorade, and powerade mixes you can sometimes find them at the dollar store :) and lots of pictures.


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