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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask Army Wife 101: Can I Go With Him To AIT& Onpost Daycare


This question relates to: Bootcamp/AIT

Q. What is your Question? I  wanted to know after my spouse graduates AIT am I able to go with him? I also wanted to know if the army has a daycare? If so how much?

A.Hi Brittani,

Thanks for writing Army Wife 101!

If your spouses AIT is 20 weeks long or more, then your eligible to be moved by the Army. Your husband will need to file all the paperwork and see if the exception can be made for the orders to be approved for you to live there during his schooling. The command does not have to approve it so even with his AIT schooling being 20 weeks or over their is no guarantee that you will definitely get to move with him.

Keep in mind when they are in AIT they are still in training and will most likely be on a pass system, so their is a chance you will not get to spend as much as time as you would like. One person screwing up can mean pass privileges being reneged for everyone.

In regards to onpost daycare, yes most Army installations offer this. The amount you will pay for your child to attend onpost daycare usually goes by rank of the soldier and income. Many Army post have waiting list for their daycare programs and alot of times the list goes by priority. This means a single soldier who has a child might get priority over a two parent household with a stay at home mom. In order to register your child for daycare you will have to contact the Child Youth & School Services (CYS) at the Army installation where you live. You can also look into FCC providers which are usually spouses onpost who go through CYS and provide in home daycare. This is another alternative to CYS as their tend to be more openings.

You can learn more about CYS at the link below:
Child Youth & School Services

Best of luck!


  1. Also, if his AIT is shorter than 20 weeks you can still go. It is on your own dime, however, and you will not be allowed to live on post. I moved to my hubby's AIT because it was 19 weeks long. I had to pay for everything, but we didn't have kids yet so it was fairly easy and worth the money.

  2. For me its $3.50 per hour per kid which isnt bad considering how much regular daycare is.
    You get 16 free hours per kid each month if your spouse is deployed as well.


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