Thursday, April 1, 2010

Command Sponsorship & EFMP Screenings For Overseas

I decided to do a small blog post on command sponsorship which I will get more indepth later in another blog entry. I had to do this one because if your not aware the PCS season is approaching and I have been receiving many emails from spouses who are coming here to Hawaii where I happen to be stationed as well.
The biggest problem many spouses are experiencing is not knowing that you have to be command sponsored to come here. Now let me make this small can come to Hawaii without being command sponsored but it will be out of your own pocket.

So what exactly is CS in lamen's terms?
All it means is that you are authorized to travel and the government will pay for it. The Army uses CS to also make sure you can be treated at the new duty station through the process of an EFMP screening.

This is where the problem tends to evolve in that many spouses and even some soldiers are under the impression that they will automatically appear on the orders and be able to come here and live onpost and unfortunately that is not the case. Here is what will happen should you come to Hawaii without sponsorship according to

Soldiers with family members must go through an EFMP Exceptional Family Member Program Overseas screening to have their family member’s names put on their PCS assignment orders. Soldier must get with their unit S-1 Personnel Office for assistance. If their family member’s names are not on the PCS orders, the Soldier will lose out on many benefits. Such as:
• Family members will not be authorized to travel to Hawaii at Government expense.
• Soldier will not be reimbursed for airlines tickets if Soldier pays for their Travel.
• Solider will not be able to collect COLA with dependant rate.
• Soldier will not be able to receive full DLA Dislocation Allowance ($1900).
• Soldier will not be able to receive TLA Temporary Lodging Assistance with dependant rate (for Hotel stay).
• HHG Household Goods shipment will be at the Single rate and not at the With Dependant rate.

You also will not be able to apply for housing if you are not on the orders.
The easiest way to start the EFMP process is to contact the closest Military Treatment Facility (MTF) near you and contact there EFMP office. The links below will help you to understand the process alittle more:

Military Homefront EFMP

Army.Mil EFMP Explanation

You can also search through the archives of Army Wife 101 I have written several entries about PCS moves and EFMP.

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  1. Stopping by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  2. Hi Sandy thank you ...glad to be apart of it :)

  3. hi i actually just had my efmp today in order to get over there with my husband who is in germany. can u tell me what happens after the efmp, or about how long from here it takes to actually get over there with him? Also, when i do go will i only have a 2 suitcase limit? or will the army let me bring more even if i decide to ship some stuff over


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