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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeking Some Kind Of School Financial Assistance Look No Further....

So Mil Wifeys I know some of us ladies are always looking to further our education weather that means entering college for the first time or going back to college.

We all know money is usually the major factor as to when we go back and how long it might take to complete your academic goal.

So the military is providing some help with the MYCAA program. In the simplest of terms the MYCAA program will provide up to $6000 in financial assistance for eligible military spouses.

Yes overseas spouses can apply to.

The money provided will help to fund education in careers that are consider portable.
What that means is careers that are most likely to be easily found at other military installations.

Click Here For More MYCAA Info

If any of you wonderful ladies have been accepted for MYCAA please share your experiences with it by click the comment button below.


  1. I was spouse number 966 to apply and since I applied in March there have been 40,000 others after me - according to the My CAA representive I spoke with earlier this week. I was approved and the process was really easy - once they verify you in DEERS the ball is rolling! I got my money the same day and my school I chose (online) has already shipped out my books! Good luck to everyone else!

  2. Hi Cat,

    Wow that is great to hear. So it doesn't sound like there were a million hoops to jump through and the process was easy.

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. I JUST learned about MyCAA a few weeks ago. I immediately applied and filled out the forms online, and within one week everything was approved and now i have just over $3,000 that i used for this semester. It is SUCH a tremendous help, and im so thankful the military spouse that led me to MyCAA. This is a very great thing to spread the word about, so kudus to you for sharing! I dont think many spouses know about this, but we are very fortunate to have such a thing! Its a really easy, great way to put money towards school!

  4. Oh goodness, please excuse all the typo's! lol.

  5. Wow JS that is awesome ! One thing I am really glad to hear is that the process is not grueling. You know when it comes to getting any type of free money that it can be tons and tons of paperwork.

    The idea that spouse have a great chance at getting it will definitley encourage more of us to take advantage of it.

    Oh and no worries about the typo's LOL. The truth is I have to edit my blogs several times thanks to all my typo's lol.

  6. I applied last week and they approved me. Although I graudate in December that money helps because my tution is expensive.

  7. I applied for it and got it. Hubby was so happy. It will help me get my certification in education and plus I sign up for a portable career. The process was fast and easy. I have informed a lot of recruiters wives because they did not know anything about it.

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