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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pajama Pants Syndrome.....

So I'm in the commi the other day , walking down the pasta aisle minding my business when I'm blinded by the site of holey dingy spongebob pajama pants.

Don't get me wrong I like my fair share of Spongebob lol, but on a Friday afternoon in the grocery store?

Come on ladies some of us have got to do better. Do not get me wrong we all have those crappy days especially when the hubby is deployed, the kids are driving you bat crazy and you just have the weight of the world on your shoulders. On the other hand their is no reason to come out the house greasy, dirty and dingy looking. No makeup is fine, hair thrown up in a clip or ponytail is cool to, but looking plain stank is no excuse.

We wonder why people talk about us and some of us actually have the nerve to get offended (hell even though I am addressing Pajama Pants Syndrome doesn't mean I won't take up for my fellow Army wife.)Times are hard for everybody but I guarantee you that your local Walmart has a $11 pair of jeans for you and your local thrift store will have a pair even cheaper.

All I am saying is people will judge regardless but don't let peoples judgement of you and all military wives be because you have Pajama Pants Syndrome.

PS: I know some might not agree with me but that's what Armywife101 is all about honesty, so be honest with me and don't hold back on your thoughts I won't bite :)


  1. I have jumped in the shower for two minutes to wash off the gross before I go out of the house. I don't own any pajama bottoms. :) That's how I take care of *that* problem. ;)

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  3. Enjoyed your post at Ture Military Wives(MeganC)! I am new to the process... and we are excited for what is to come! Thanks also for the video about basic! You are a blessing!
    Take care!

  4. I used to go out in pajama pants all the time... but that was when i was a kid back in high school! I'm a grown woman, a mother... if anything i just give a quick change and look presentable before running to the commi, or even the shoppette!

  5. My pleasure Megan and more videos to come so look for those.

    I agree JSPhotography same thing here. That's what I do just look presentable.

  6. I agree just throw on some jeans.
    I hate to see people walking around post in some ol raggedy PJ pants.
    Then people get mad when people say army wives dont keep themselves up.Then dont go out the house in PJ pants and holey old t shirts.

  7. Folks are just wrong to walk in the commi or the PX in there pj bottoms. Then there are the moms who walk there kid to school in there pjs and pick them up in there pjs. Folks are just lazy. It don't take long to shower and put yourself together in 30 minutes or less! Heck i have a quick makeup routine when I'm pushed for time.

    I wouldn't want any one from my hubby work to see me in public in my pjs. Because you know they will be going back to work talking about ya!

  8. I could spend all day wearing pj bottoms. Expecially after having two kids and not losing the pregnancy weight as fast as I want to. They are just comfy.

    BUT I could wear my pj bottoms all day at home! When it's time to leave the house no one needs to see them.


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