Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lifetime Armywives Review For Sunday 07/19/09

Quick Recap:

Denise and Frank have decided to make it work.

Roxy still is not liking the dog Trevor brought home from work.

Pamela is still coaching her son's football team but is not understanding the heads coach's methods.

The girl from Iraq at 1st was hesistant to have her surgery because she felt guilty that she was still alive and her family wasn't. The Iraq girl (sorry I forgot her name) touches on some emotional moments that the Holden Family can relate to like losing a family member and feeling guilty for a being alive . At the end of the day the Iraq girl being there actually caused Emmaline to finally grieve for her sister Amanda and I think this was just what Emmaline and CJ needed to be close again.

Lastly Joan and that Collins Character were chosen to lead the Army Post War Games.
Of course that smuck Collins told Joan she wouldn't win because she was damaged goods in relation to her drinking problem she experienced in Season One.

Joan quickly reminded him that she has commanded more then a DESK (LMAO best line all night) lead a command in Iraq and brought them all home safe and she was more then a pencil pusher which is what Collins is lol.

Well now the games began towards the end Joan is plotting out her teams course of action for the war games . She then tells everyone to take a break and everyone leaves the room except one guy. We then see this guy call Col. Collins and proceed to tell him Joans plan of action.

Not sure what is gonna happen but I dont think it is going to be pretty.


  1. Oh yes girl I cannot wait to see what happens with Joan and Collins. I'm really glad that Denise and Frank have decided to make things work and that the Holdens may be back on track to getting back to the close knit bunch they were before the loss of Amanda.

  2. I think so to. I think the whole Naneen storyline was good and I was finally glad to see Emmaline cry.

    I hope Joan gets Collins butt because I cannot stand him.


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