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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And So It Begans (Countdown to D-Day)

I decided to do a collection of Vlogs documenting my journey of this deployment from start to finish. What better way then to start with what actually takes place before the actual deployment even begins.

Hope you enjoy the video!


  1. Hey girl:) Thanks for stopping by my page! I actually remember your profile picture from a website called cool! I didn't know you had a blog page. Very sorry to hear that your husband is deploying agian:( I watched your video and your just too cute:p This blog is really going to keep you sane during his deployment, especially if you get out there and make other military wife bloggy buddies:) I have alot on my follow list. You should chuck them out! A good deal of them have husbands deployed as well. Good luck with saying goodbye and I'll be praying for you:)

  2. this made me get teary eyed, not looking forward to dh is 1st deployment at all..sending you some strength and prayers

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Mrs GI Joe and TumeProm.

    Mrs GI Joe the internet world is so small lol. Yup your right I am on milspouse as the mod for General Discussions.

    I definitley look forward to chatting with you both again.

  4. I HATE when the packing begins. Its like that evil gut to the punch its actually gonna happen. Then once that wave is over you get the evil gut punch again the night before.

    Fam pic & Xmas card look familiar :p

  5. Yes it's when it becomes reality. Most of the time you hear the dates and your like whatever until they start packing those tuft boxes and your like crap it's really happening.

    Oh yeah who was the chickie who took those pics lol :)


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