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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Omg How Could I Forget!!!!!

Thanks to one of my Army Wifey Chickies I was reminded that today was a year since our hubbies have been home from Iraq.
Now before you say "How Could She lol" keep in mind that my happiness of him being home for a year is steadily being overshadowed by another fast approaching deployment.

Anyhow to my hubby I love you so much and am glad that you were brought home safe and sound to me as well as all the brave men and women who stood by your side.

Ok I cant help myself have to throw some memory pics and our deployment video up here.



  1. awwwwww, I love the homecoming video! My husband will be him from a year tour in Korea in a month and now I'm all giddy from watching your video :)

  2. Awww Girl...I love the homecoming ceremony and it does help me with preparing how it will be when my husband comes home in a few weeks. Yeah this is his 2nd deployment, but of course the first time was nothing like it will be thistime. When he deployed before it was back in 2003 and they didn't do a homecoming ceremony, besides my husband was sent home seperately b/c he was stop loss due to him getting out at that time, so this is all new for me. Also I just wanted to say I love what you are doing with the site and all the helpful and important information you post on here. You are doing a great job :-)


  3. I couldn't even begin to understand what it must feel like to watch your husband walk away, unsure whether he'll return. But the euphoria you felt when he came home is so real, so beautiful, so telling. Thank you for sharing it, not only with wives/moms/loved ones who are in the thick of it, but those of us who are watching on the sidelines.

  4. Thank you so much for watching.

    Denene your words brought me to tears. I am most definitley glad to have shared this moment with people and also that I had a happy ending to this very hard and tough time.

    Tye I can't wait to see your homecoming video so you better record it lol.
    Hope I see one from you to Ldybug!


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