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Lifetime Armywives Review For Sunday 07/26/09

Was Armywives great this weekend or whattttttt?????

Well before I give you the summary let me just say THANK YOU THANK YOU JOAN FOR KICKING COLLINS ARSE!!!!! That was a great comeback because I couldn't stand that sneaky little conniving fleabag.

Ok off my soapbox and back to the recap:

Maybe it was me but nothing to much happened with the Roxy Trevor storyline to even write about . Hell I don't even remember seeing them on screen together except once or twice on this episode.

Pamela let's another spouse (whose she's encouraged to start her own home business) hold a house goods party at her new home onpost. Little does she know that those so called household goods ain't them kinda goodies. The party turns out to be an ADULT home party where she is selling edible panties, body oils and some more stuff that I'm sure us grown adults can figure out lol. Let's just say a few of the main characters had some added spark in their bedrooms.

We all know that Denise and Frank have gotten back together and are still working on getting past what Denise did. Denise is ready to go back into full gear and get things back to the way it used to be. Frank on the other hand still wants to be with her but according to Roland is having a hard time wanting to be intimate because he still imagines Denise with someone else. At the end of Sundays episode Frank and Denise had a date but Frank cancels out claiming he is tired from the War games (which he was an observer in for 48 hrs) but Denise is starting to feel somewhat hurt by this. Not sure where this is gonna go but I'm still holding out hope for those two.

So back to Joan and Collins...We all know that buttmunch Collins had one of the soldiers on Joan's war games team feeding him information which almost caused Joan to lose the war games. Well eventually Joan figures out their is a leak in her group and proceeds to intercept the leak by changing her strategy . The funny thing is arrogant Collins absolutely swears he has already won and is already wanting to pull out the victory cigars. Just as he is doing that he gets a call that something is very wrong and his team has taken a heavy loss. In any event Collin loses and the scene ends with Joan doing that infamous smirk she does whenever Collins gets called out .

Eventually we come to find out the soldier feeding Collins info was his roomate from military school who is a Major. The Major suffers diciplinary action via General Holden and HAAAA so does Lt COL Collins. Collins is relieved from duty on Fort Marshall and sent to take a position behind a desk at the Pentagon.

Just for a laugh:
During Collins and Holden's conversation Holden proceeds to tell Collins this is the worse war games loss in the history of Fort Marshall. This notion furthers Joan's line to Collins on last week's episode " About being a pencil pusher". The funniest part is when Michael says their is a DESK Position for you at the Pentagon I SUGGEST YOU TAKE LOLOLOLOL! I thought that was a blow to the ego if their ever was one.

Lastly Collins wife that Jennifer wench GOSHHHH I could not STAND HER!
Anyhow an FRG meeting is held and Claudia Joy wants to use $1000 of the FRG Fund to provide for Haneen ( The Iraq girl living with the Holdens) rehabilitation that she needs since she just had surgery.
Of course Jennifer doesn't think the money should be used for such frivilous things and finds a way to get a few people who don't like CJ to try to vote against this. At the end of the day a soldier who served in Iraq makes a donation and also comes and speaks to the FRG group in which he proceeds to tell them a story about how a Iraq translator saved his and several US Soldiers lives several times and how we as Americans think the translators are not important but they are. By the end of this their isn't a dry eye and Jennifer SURPRISINGLY says no vote is needed and they agree to use the money for Haneen.

I admit I am alittle peeved that Collins will be leaving because the Jennifer and CJ storyline always called for some good drama but oh well.

My last thoughts I for some reason think that the Holdens are going to adopt Haneen , just based on the close bond that seems to be forming between Haneen and Emmaline.

Next Week On ArmyWives:

Michael and Emmalin had a moment to bond as father and daughter and try to repair the fractured relationship. Finn's struggles in class and concerning Roxie and lead hard to believe her son may have a possible learning disability.
Claudia Joy takes Haneen back to Iraq and to be with her family and continue the grieving process for the family members t9at she lost due to the war.


  1. Girl I loved this last episode. It was one of my favorites. This show was uplifting for my whole family and had us crying at the end. Thumbs up to Lifetime for this Great show!!


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