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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Army To Grow by More Then 22,000 Soldiers...

So I won't bore you with the news details if you want to read it click Army Increases

Before I go any further please remember that what makes and will continue to make Army Wife 101 unique is that I write this stuff the way I would want to read it. I can't stand long rambles lol , long articles and overly drawn out complicated sentences.

My feelings on the 22k Increase are simple:

1. I feel like it will take the strain off the current soldiers currently serving and also maybe increase the amount of time the soldier is able to be home in between deployments.

I mean geeze in my case we just hit the one year mark and our next deployment is already looming .

2. I think this increase will be a great way to open up jobs for people (those that want to serve). We all know that in this economy that the military and the stability of it is a great thing.

What do you guys think of the 22k increase? Yay , Nay leave a comment!


  1. Well I have mixed feelings about this b/c I do agree that it will be beneficial to people who aren't currently in the military that would like to serve their country b/c of how the economy is suffering right now. However, I don't think that increasing the number of soldiers will honor them a longer dwell time (time between deployments) b/c the number of soldiers have been increasing for some time now and we still haven't seen deployment times decreasing. You would think with so many soldiers, the deployments would be much shorter and not so frequently. I just hope we will see change soon b/c the deployments are very streneous on military families.

  2. You know what Tye you have a point we have had a increase of soldiers over the past few years and still less dwell time.

    You are right the deployments are extremely streneous.


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