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Friday, September 25, 2009

Just One of Them Days....Blah (Journey Through A Deployment)

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Come on deployment ladies I know you have them...just one of those mornings where you wake up and your miserable. Your cranky, you don't want to do anything in relation to motherhood that day and you just want your husband.

Yup well that would be me today, I miss my darn husband. It's 4:14am and I am up because I am lonely. Yes I can say I might be longing for him intimately but it goes beyond that. I am longing for him for those strange noises in the middle of the night that I make him get out the bed to check, I am longing for him when I awaken at the most inopportune time in the middle of the night when I have to tinkle and I have to get out from under his warmth and step onto cold floors, but then I happily return to nice warm blankets and his arm to snuggle in.

Beyond the sappy stuff I miss not having to take out that ridiculously heavy garbage can (housing demands you use) every Friday. I wouldn't have to if I my 10 year old would remember...she only does one chore anyway *hehe*. I miss pretending my back hurts alittle more then normal just so I can get an extra long back massage. I really miss him coming in from PT and taking the kids to school. Someone here at Schofield Barracks got the bright idea to not have buses because they figured every person wanted to be healthy and walk or drive in what is comparable to rush hour traffic in NYC. Lastly I miss him being able to break up a fight with the two youngins over something as minute as a crayon or a marker or because someone had a sheet of printer paper to draw on but the other didn't. I mean geesh their's only a THOUSAND sheets of paper in the pack ...go get a sheet.

Really what I need is a break just one day!
I honestly don't need a major day out at the spa or anything or some big shopping day. Nahhh I just want to sit home and be a total lazy slob just for one day with no interruptions.

Yes yes ladies even my poor excuse for a Army wife stories have some kind of a moral.
Today's moral of the story is do not be afraid to vent or whine for a minute. We are all entitled to it. It shows great strength to be strong through everything, but it shows even greater strength to let your guard down and say "hey I can't be Superwoman today".

Until Then
Hooah & Smooches


  1. Girl, take your day to be a lazy slob. You are allowed. I took about 2 days of that this week. Women, especially moms need a break and need to sometimes do nothing. Enjoy and I hope you feel better :-)

  2. I know how you feel mamma. I miss my hubs too...even when its overnight. Its just something about them being there and that since of security....I'm sure he misses you too.

    It is also okay for you to be lazy for a day....or 2 for that matter. I get like that often so don't feel guilty just enjoy the moment.

  3. You couldn't have posted this at a better time! I am having one of those evenings and feeling a bit over committed at the moment. All I really wanna do is curl up in my PJs and watch a movie. I sure hope you get your 'lazy day' soon! Let me know if I can help with that ;)

  4. Thanks Sheliza I am taking my total slob day today lol!

    Dee it's always nice to hear that I am not the only who feels this way, cause sometimes I feel guilty for feeling this way .

    Erin I totally know you understand and yes sometimes committing to alot of things can get the best of us and that's when we just need to breath and woo-sah lol!

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  6. I was searching for Army Wife blogs today, and I stumbled upon yours, and I'm so glad I did! I look forward to reading more about your journey through your hubby's deployment. My fiance is in the sandbox as well, so it's always fun to find other women who are going through the same thing. We've gotta stick together! ;) I can TOTALLY relate to your post. I've had a week off of work, and I spent most of my days sleeping in, catching up on TV, watching movies, and just vegging out. You deserve a day! It's good for the moderation ;) Blessings on you and your family!

  7. such a great post. All though I'm not an army wife I do have days where I want to just be. I don't want to be mommy, wife, or anything. I just want to exist just as I am.

    You are so right to say it takes greater stregnth to say I can't be superwoman. We all need help, time to relax, and time to just something off our chest. I so love this post. Glad we connected!

  8. Bethany I am so glad you can relate and very happy to have you here. Yes their will definitely be more to follow because I have a long way to go with this deployment, but it is great to know I have others who will share this journey with me.

    Felicia very glad you could enjoy this article. We are wives first so I am glad you could connect as well and very glad to have met you ...Look forward to chatting with you again !

  9. I just found your blog through Teresa's at Across the Ocean. I haven't been through a deployment yet, but of course our time will come. I agree with Bethany.. the more people you have to support you and relate with the better! Your blog seems great.. consider me a faithful follower :)
    I hope you get your lazy day soon!!

  10. I understand how you feel. You really don't really appreciate (miss) your spouse until they are away for a few days.

    I notice when my husband travel to his home country, for the first hours at night, I am unable to sleep. I toss and turn for hours until early in the morning when I eventually settle down for a deep sleep.

  11. Hi Jessica so glad to have you here and yes you and Bethany are right a support system is always an awesome thing to have. Glad you are following AW101 and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Nativa I absolutely know what you mean about not being able to sleep. It is usually a few days for me before I settle into a comfortable routine. Thank you for visiting!

  12. aww, I totally remember feeling these days too, they've never left my heart at all. Always dreaming of the *new hellos and homecomings! so beautiful you are in expressing so transparently here and your encouragement is so enriching for the rest of us - what a beautiful community you're creating here! I'm so IN! :)
    ~I adore your 'Hooah & Smooches' hugs, Jenn


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