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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The D-Day Jitters....

The clock is ticking and the D-day jitters are in full swing. I have been playing the role when people ask me if I'm doing ok, of course I say I am but then again I am not sure. To be quite honest even though I have the jitters it is hard to convey truly what I am feeling.

I wish I was still back in GA stationed safely at my nice little nook of a base with everything close by, instead I am on a dot in the middle of the water. I am far away from the friends I went through a 15 month deployment with last time and not a hint of family to save me from the brink of insanity..."Ok I am being alittle dramatic but no one to save me from one of those bad days when I need to drop the kids off on a whim because I need a break".

The hubby has officially finished packing and now we are just going through the motions as if everything is normal. We rarely speak of the D word, and he does the normal soldier thing of not showing emotion except for when I look sad. When we do talk about anything involving deployment,it is mainly related to what we plan on doing after it.

So far the moral of Army Wifes story is to discuss the future meaning after the deployment. I admit it will be hard to really focus on the end of the deployment because, let's be real we harbor so many fears and unknowns that can make doing that difficult.

I am sure the moral of my story will change weekly *smile*

In any event I shall remain as strong as possible for him , my children, myself and of course my Armywife 101 Family.


  1. Oh heart goes out to you. My husband has yet to enter the "D" word phase as we are only in TRADOC still. The fears and apprehensions that come up just when the word is mentioned is enough to bring tears, so I can only imagine what you are going through. All I can say is the name of my blog (the mizpah prayer) is symbolic for this) as the mizpah is literally an emotional bond between two people who are separated either physically or spiritually...God bless you and your family, and be strong, it is evident you have that ability as you set the bar at such a high level for those of us just entering this life.

  2. Shannon thank you so much as you don't know how much your kind words mean.

    It is truly important to me for all Military spouses to know they are not alone and that someone is their for them .

    I am going to check your blog out now as it definitely sounds wonderful to read as well as inspiring.

    Look forward to seeing you here again and I am glad that you stopped by.

    Best Regards,

  3. Stay strong! I hope that blogging about your experience will be the avenue you need to keep you busy, helping the afterward to come around faster.

  4. My husband is getting ready to do a deployment too and we are also at a relatively new place. I'll keep you in my prayers. We'll make it through this! :-)

    By the way, love your blog!

  5. Krystel,

    My husband has been getting ready for D-day too. I'm tired of being asked the "Are you OK?" question.
    No one actually wants to hear the answer, so please don't ask me! LOL!
    Hope to read your blog now that I have a buddy going through the same things I am!
    Need a shoulder to cry on or to vent! I'll be here!


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