Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Care Packages....What To Send In Them

The picture above is from a sweet lady on a military wives forum I visit who let me have the privilege of showing off her wonder creative care package.

I have no shame in saying that I am beyond creatively challenged. With that said while I enjoy making (attempting) creative and fun packages, I for the most part suck at doing that. I love sending my husband care packages when he is deployed though and making them special for him , while still sending him things he can use.

I have been on the hunt for great Halloween care package ideas that are practical and useful. We all have different taste but the one thing we have in common is that eventually our spouses will return home along with those items. Toys and items of that nature are fine, but I always try to make sure it is something my spouse can pass on to incoming soldiers when he leaves.

I would love to have a great list of Martha Stewart like tips for you but as I mentioned above that won't happen :)

I can't leave you all hanging so here are some great Halloween care packages tips I have come across.

1. Making Halloween Care Packages For Soldiers

2.Loving A Soldier...Halloween Tips

3.This site is a forum I go to that has a care package section. A member of the board posted some awesome pictures of a care package she made. See the care package by click here.

Below are some important mailing tips to keep in mind when sending any type of care package.

* Always remember that Flat Rate/Priority boxes are free and be even be ordered in bulk for free on the USPS

*Be sure to send packages out in time. In my experience the average time for a care package to reach my spouse was 2 weeks from the Southeast part of the US.

* If you send homemade baked goods be sure to wrap them securely in plastic wrap , then nestle securely in a tightly sealed plastic container.

* If baked good contain icing...send the icing in a separate container.

* Check out The USPS Mailing Restrictions for important tips you should know when mailing packages overseas.

If you have some cool Halloween care package tips please feel free to post them in the comments section.

I hope you find the info useful...Stay tuned for pictures of my Halloween care package.

Hooah & Smooches


  1. Wow this is some great information! I am so impressed :)

  2. Thanks Sheliza...Yeah making his care package will be the hightlight of my week lol.

    I love the fact that you can do so many things and I also enjoy the surprise factor of him not knowing what he will get.


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