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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Journey Through Deployment: Hubby Leaves for Iraq

Important Info: In compliance with OPSEC I have posted my videos on different days so as not to give any info of the day my husband's unit left.

Ok now that we got past all that ...It was inevitable that I posted this video, even though I have mixed feelings since I do show some emotion in it. If you have read any of my other post you will know I not exactly the emotional type in public. I am pretty sure people understand though so without further ado here is a quick clip of our goodbyes along with some pics.

I'm pretty sure I do the UGLY CRY and FACE several times so feel free to laugh at me lol.


  1. Oh Girl, I feel your pain. I was crying with ya. But, be strong and I am praying for your soldiers safe arrival home. I will give ya a call. [Hugz]

  2. awww girl you are so brave to put this up and I applaud you for being able to do so b/c the way I cried it wasn't even fit for to post online lol but I know the feeling, but it will all be over soon. Just keep yourself busy and occupied as much as possible and I'm here if you need anything.

  3. awww sweetie, I am so touched that you would video that and share.. what soft yet strong moments and God bless you! ((super hugs)) I remember those hello goodbyes like yesterday and still watching this now, I get teary,. it's so tough..,.what a blessing your site is, a safe haven for others like you,.. luv and light, Jenn


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