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Ask Army Wife 101: BootCamp/AIT Question

Q. My husband is in basic right but he will be heading to Fort Lee VA for his AIT and I was wondering if he will be able to leave base on the weekends or if I would be able to visit him on the base??? My husband want me to move there if I can see him so thats why I am trying to find out.... Please Help?

First thank you for writing Ask Army Wife 101 and it is my pleasure to answer your question. If any readers have more information to add please post a comment.

When soldiers are in AIT they are still in training and they are usually on a pass system. This means that for the first few weeks of schooling soldiers might only be able to visit the PX and Commissary , later on they may be able to leave post but not overnight and eventually in the final phases they may (or may not) be able to have over night privileges to stay offpost. Based on my husband's own accounts and other soldiers we have spoke to... one soldier in the platoon's mess up can cause privileges to be reneged therefore spoiling a spouse's planned weekend trip to visit her soldier at AIT.

As far as living with your husband...spouses may live with their service member during AIT if the training is over 20 weeks if approved by the command at your spouse AIT school. Let me make clear that you can choose to move near your husband if his schooling is under 20 weeks but it will be at your own expense and because he is still in training I would not count on spending quality time with him. To get approval for you to be placed on the orders and move with him at the Army's expense he will have to file all the paperwork and get the command's approval.

I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!

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