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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Ling & Lee Homecoming.... My Vent

I am sure this morning you all heard the two journalist who were accused of illegal entry in North Korea were pardoned and allowed to return home after 4 months of being held in a jail there.

Ok first let me say I am extremely happy that they were allowed to come home and that they did not have to serve 12 years of hard labor at a camp.

The part that I guess bothered me (and I'm probably just being sensitive) is the newscasters while awaiting the arrival. The family and other spectators were in a hangar (where planes enter) and the reporter keeps on going on about how this is quite a scene imagine how the 4 year old daughter of Euna Lee (one of the jailed journalist) must be feeling , having you mother away for 140 days and how this is a homecoming to remember.

Before you know here goes another reporter saying how great a scene this is with the rising sun in the background and the plane entering the hangar and family who hasn't see there loved one in 140 days , you dont see scenes like this everyday.

While I am extremely happy for Euna Lee's 4 year old daughter and (as a mommy of a 4 year old) can imagine her delight and surprise to see her mother , thousands of military children don't see their mommies and daddies for a year or more at times. The military has huge homecoming ceremonies all the time, where the hangar doors open and behind it are our heroes standing there in the sunlight waiting to see us after a year in a horrible place. Where is the attention drawn to that?

I realize that service members are humble and never ask for recognition and that's one of the things that makes them great, but it would be even better if people can see we have smiling little 4 year old's running to there mom or dad whenever our brave me and women come home.


  1. are definitely correct, the military doesn't get near as much recognition for serving their country. I mean by all means I am happy for Euna Lee, but here it is our troops servie 12-15 month tours overseas, away from their family and loved ones and rarely ever do you see it publicized like that. I mean if it wasn't for our troops doing their jobs, this world wouldn't be as safe as it is with that being said they deserve much more credit than they receive.

  2. Unfortunately it because it's soldiers coming home happen everyday. I hate to say and being a military wife myself and a former journalist I feel that they do not get as much coverage as they should. I did notice that there is a lot of local coverage when when soldiers come back.


    If a soldier had been captured and was safely brought home ther coverage would definately be there.
    It's sad to say but in news their motto is: "If it bleeds it leads". It is a more interesting story if they were Prisoners of War than just coming home from tour.
    It's not right.


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