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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Army Wives 08/16/09

Ok so I have to be honest I have not been impressed with the last episode or two of Army Wives.

This is coming from the same real life Army Wifey who stormed the set demanding a tour LOL. Ok so I didn't quite demand a tour but I did beg. I'll write about that experience in another blog entry.

Anyhow in tonight's episode CJ and Denise were responsible for be hostess to the wife of a senator in which a building onpost was named in honor of.

The senators wife to say the least was a handful , pinching soldiers tush's hopping in a humvee with a soldier and sitting on his lap, drinking at the bar.

So as I am typing this I am watching the show and I guess I spoke to soon because as Denise and CJ are driving to a spa weekend given to them as a treat by the Senators wife CJ begins to feel faint and sick and the two run off the road and crash.

Trevor wants to deploy again and Finn (Trevor & Roxy's son) was accepted into Piedmont Academy on a full scholarship.

There was a brawl at the Hump Bar which officially made it was it used to be.

Joan is still struggling with choosing to deploy so Roland comes up with a way to record baby videos for her to ease her pain alittle.

Pamela is struggling with her daughter wanting to dress older and act older. She is also missing Chase very much and I am starting to think him being gone is causing some of these issues.

ON THE NEXT ARMYWIVES: CJ and Denise are in a car accident and it appears Denise is OK, but Cj isn't. It also appears that a MAJOR SECRET is going to be revealed .

I am wondering if it has something to do with CJ daughter really belonging to Michael.

Hmmm what do you think?

Until then :)


  1. Wait, so Michael isn't her baby daddy lol?

  2. Huh? Two different story-lines. Frank/Denise maybe he isn't baby daddy. CJ/ Michael no idea what's going on other then a tumor maybe.


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