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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Army Wives 08/09/2009

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I won't recap this past Sunday's episode because well to be honest (IMO) it wasn't worth recapping.

Wait wait don't leave (lol) I still thought it was pretty good but to me their were not any great highlights that stood out.

What I will say is as much as I love Joan it is about time Roland set Joan straight on the whole deployment thing. She had a choice to stay and she chose to go , so why get mad at Roland for trying to help her cope with a decision she made.

I did enjoy the country singer even though I never heard of her in real life , but I am assuming she is a real country singer.

I love Michael Holden but he needs to lay off Denise. Even though what she did is wrong (to a degree) it's none of his business and he should stay out of it. Frank didn't exactly make being married to him peaches and cream and one can only take so much.

OMG and can I comment on the whole ID card thing. How crazy was that I would truly hope that if a spouse really did lose her wallet and all her ID that she could get back onpost but i'll just leave that alone for now .

Next week's episode looks alittle weak but Im still a die hard fan so I can't wait.

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  1. I have had my fair share of gate guards not wanting to let me on... with no id at all. Then I have had some help me look through my car for my ID..LOL.... Michael really needs to lay off of Denise... and I am glad that Claudia JOy and Denise both stood up for Denise.


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