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Friday, August 7, 2009

Legit & Free Work From Home Information

We all know that a good population of the military spouse crowd are stay at home moms. Sometimes moving so much can make finding a job pretty hard.

It's safe to say I consider my self the work at home guru. I think I have done every Legit work at home job their is *SMILE*

For those that know me most know I have worked at home off and on since 2004.

To be quite honest I held my 1st work at home job when I was just 19 years old and a college student and wanted to make some money but was to lazy to go out in work, but that's another story.

I'll be honest my 1st work at home job was as a Dispatcher for a Adult Phone Company. I took the perv's billing information and patched their call over to the girl he wanted to converse with.

I soon had my son and could no longer do to much phone work so I stopped for a while.

Once my son began to sleep through the night I took a job as a PSO (Phone Sex Operator) making great money but eventually I stopped because well it's hard to fake the funk when your only doing it to make money. I can't say I enjoyed it. Sorry if that job offends anyone but hey times were hard and I needed to be home with my kid.

As I ventured into the WAH World I started to see that their were tons of WAH jobs that didn't require me to hand over a STARTUP FEE and that were absolutely free that I could do from home.

My next WAH job was working for WEST. I basically took phone calls for different companies and infomercials in which I processed customers orders from home. All of this I did from home no fees no nothing. They paid every 2 weeks and the pay was per minute so it was REALLY GOOD. Want to apply Visit Here

Eventually I found other pocket change WAH jobs where I actually made decent money. One of the best ones I worked for was Chacha. Chacha is a search engine in which you are a live searcher . Yes ladies people actually submit request for you to be there Human Google Searcher . To Apply with Chacha just visit Chacha You can view my proofs of payment below this blog article.
The second pocket change job I still do till this day is for MTURK which is through Amazon. Go Here to find out the detail for detail scoop on Mturk. In a nutshell businesses and people post little jobs they need done that can be done online ... IE: search for a phone # or review my site and write a comment for it. They will pay you anywhere from 5 cents and up to do these little menial task. Interested in trying visit MTURK

The other little pocket change maker that I'm loving is Youdata. Basically you click on a link and look at a webpage and bam they pay you a few cents.It's legit many people do it and further down I'll tell you where you can read up more on it. They pay every Friday to your Paypal account. View my proof of payment at the end.
Want to sign up and start earning right away Sign Up Here It's Free

Last but not least people always ask me Krystel where do you find these jobs?

Well I research the hell out of the internet for starters and in my years of research I can tell you the 2 best WAH sites are:
Work Place Like Home and WAHM

Here is a small list of other free and legit work at home jobs: (adult) (adult)

If you have any questions about working from home please leave a comment and I will answer.

Here are some proof of payment shots of on each pic to enlarge them:

Hooah & Smooches

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