Monday, February 1, 2010

It's the Case Of The Writer's Block ...Oh Cash Giveaway!!!!

That's right Army Wife 101 is having writers block...share what topics you want to read about and you might win a $25 Visa giftcard... giveaway ends 2/3/10.
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This is a great way for me to get to know your likes and interests and they don't have to be military related.

To enter:

Leave a comment below with a topic you'd like to read about.

If for some reason you have trouble leaving a comment below head on over the Army Wife 101 Face Book Fan Page and you can leave a comment there as well.

Optional Entries:
*Retweet the following*

Share Your Ideas w/@Armywives101 and win a $25 Visa GC visit for for how to enter.

*You may also enter twice by leaving a comment here on blogger and on the Face Book Fan Page.

Don't forget to leave a valid email so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

Thanks and can't wait to read your ideas!

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  1. Write about what you'll be doing for the superbowl, or for valentines day or something? =)

  2. I always like to learn/read about DIY projects for the house considering we move so often and each house is so different. It can get expensive having to redecorate a house so often, that's why I love DIY budget friendly options. Now I'm heading over to your Facebook fan page to leave you some love ;)

  3. I always love a good birth story. Tell us about your children being born (anything extra special you remember about that day, if you were scared, how you felt when you first held them... )

  4. write about moving to a new palce.....tell us the good and the bad thing about he army moves....ask other army wife every to see how it went for them some good some bad

  5. HI! People always ask where I find all the information concerning children's programs on post. How about a blog entry giving info that will help Moms and Dads get their kids involved in sports, theater, karate, art, etc. Also there are LOTS of opportunities to help kids thru deployment with classes from ACS and The Military and Family Life Consultant.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
    They are great and you will see postings about all of them soon!


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