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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Army Wife 101:Myths and FAQ's: Does Living Onpost=Drama???


  1. Great advice...the friend part I mean. That's advice to live by whether you're living onpost or in a neighborhood community.

  2. Right on with everything you said. Ive only been living on post for about 4 months now and I really think that if you keep to yourself and not try to get into other people's business then you wont have any drama to deal with. I as well dont feel like I need to be friends with every body. But hey Krystel you should come and be my neighbor!!!! LOL

  3. You have the prettiest skin. It's so translucent and smooth. What do you use? I know this has nothing to do with your VLOG, but.....just sayin

  4. Hi!
    I am so excited I stumbled on your blog! I'm a new army wife and my husband has been deployed for six of the nine months we've been married...needless to say I have lots to learn yet!
    We are expecting our first baby next week and he is coming home for his r&r this it's going to be a very overwhelming and exciting time for us. I saw that your husband just went back to Iraq and I know that the day our r&r is over is fast approaching as well...
    I will be stopping back to watch your videos and see how you're doing!!


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