Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holding Down the Fort Again...The Saga Continues

Well the hubby left and my vacation has quickly come to a halt. Vacation you say...what vacation are you talking about Army Wife 101?

Truth be told when Mr Army Wife 101 comes home on R&R this lady over here goes into "Not Available" mode. This means unless bones are broken I am off motherly duties for 2 weeks. I know some people will disagree and say *gasp* how can you do that to him , he just came home from Iraq and you have him doing everything.
Fret not I give him 3 to 4 days of peace , good home cooked meals, quiet time and all that good stuff, but eleven months two weeks and 11,000 miles from each other qualifies me for a break.

I must now resume my domestic and parental duties and while it's not necessarily hard, it does suck having that second parental authoritive figure taken away again. It was nice to not have to break up fights, or wonder what that bump in the middle of the night was. I felt safe and secure...I didn't have to worry.

The hardest part was wondering how my kids would cope when he left again. I let them stay home from school. We had been preparing my son for for the past few days, explaining to him how daddy has to go back to work for a few more months, but honestly how do you really explain this crap to a five year old? I watched my son wave as the taxi pulled off carrying his dad. He looked so little and innocent standing their waving , probably not truly sure what was happening. My ten year old stood their I could tell she wanted to cry but she didn't and I quickly went to my room to avoid them seeing my tears.

It's now 9:13PM and I sit here in my room , his cup of water still on the dresser from earlier, a teeshirt of his hangs on a chair and his slippers are still in the middle of the floor. I'd be lying if I told you when I was going to move those things.I have no clue when I will.

Tomorrow I will wake up and pretend my husband is on a short deployment and start my journey again holding down the fort.



  1. It breaks my heart to read this and know that you are in so much pain. As I was reading it trying not to cry as it reminded me so much of what I resently went through myself and what I am going to be going through very soon. I love army life and my husband so much but sometimes the army part sucks. I hope that the remaining months that your love is away from you flys by quickly. Much love from another soldier's wifey :)

  2. Your so sweet thank you so much !

  3. My friend and I were just talking about this like, an hour ago. Her boyfriend didnt get his R&R and she was telling me how hard it is for him. My husband was discharged, and she was telling me sometimes she wished her boyfriend was too. =\


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