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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Tiny Treat For My Army Wives Tv Show Fans

Autographed Picture Hubby Saw

The Backstory.....

It's the summer of 2008 hubby has just returned from Iraq and is on block leave. I am a nut about the tv show Army Wives and I knew hubby was a closet fan (he doesn't want his boys to know that he has teared up on a few episodes)so I logged online and begin my search to find out where in SC the show was filmed. I eventually land a street name and a few days later we begin our three day trip to Charleston SC from Savannah GA to take in the historic sites and if possible get onto the "Army Wives" set. We searched and drive all around that damn Charleston and to no avail could we find the set.

Fast forward to February 2009 Mr. Army Wife 101 heads on down to the ports in Charleston to began the shipping of our vehicle in preparation for our upcoming PCS to Hawaii. In the front office of the shipping port he notices all the "Army Wives" memorabilia and apparently the agent behind the counter noticed him excitingly taking pictures (We tend to carry a camera everywhere for moments like these). She says to hubby "big fan huh"? Hubby looks at her (alittle embarrassed that someone knows his secret *hehe*)and says nah not really my wife is. I was just taking a pic of the autographed posters for her. The worker at the front desk says well today is your lucky day...look behind you. Hubby turns and this is what he saw.

Betty's Bar & Grill

That's right mil wifey's the darn Army Wives set is right across the street from the shipping port. Can you believe that we went down this street but passed right by it in our quest the first time to find it. When hubby came home from the port later on that day I begged him to drive me to Charleston one last time before we PCS'ed so that I could see the set for myself. At the time I didn't care if I got thrown off the set by security or not , but I was determined that I was going to at least drive onto the set and take a sneak peek.

The following weekend that is exactly what we did. As we approached the street leading to the set I got nervous. What if they were shooting? What if I seen my in my head best friend Roxy or even better that cutie Trevor or the delicious Roland..just what would I do?

We cautiously drove into the parking lot we see lot's of trailers and then I seen parking spot's labeled with the actresses names on them.

Joan's Parking Spot aka Wendy Davis

Yes Roxy drives a Toyota Hybrid...How green and cool is that!

We drove around aimlessly for a few then finally seen what we assumed was an important person since she had a walkie talkie and a clipboard. We nervously stopped her and I began to blab about how I too am an Army wife and how I love the show and blahh blahh blahh...basically I admit I was hoping that being an Army wife grant me some kind of sneak peak access (And no I am not one of the wives who thinks I am entitled to everything just because I'm an armywife). Needless to say that did not happen, but she did give me the information and number to be an extra on the show (if I hadn't of lost it in the move, I would gladly place it here). Once again that did not happen because we moved the following week. She was very sweet. We even met the payroll person for the show haaaa.

In any event I proceeded to ask her were any of the cast members there and she said that Roxy was inside filming a scene, hence why her car was the only one there.

She told us that the area below was where all the Iraq scenes were filmed. Can you believe it those Iraq scenes are filmed in a parking lot in SC. Now I know some might not understand my fascination but I am a tv & film buff. I am obsessed with visiting places where shows were filmed so you can understand what it must be like to watch a show and then recognize the particular set where certain scenes were filmed.

At the end of the day I did not see anyone from the show and only caught a few pics because I admit I was alittle scared that if some security guard so a car full of people driving around the lot they might become suspicious. In any event here are a few more pics that I snapped.

Army Wives premieres Sunday April 11, 2010 at 10PM EST on Lifetime.

So come on ladies share...what do you love about Armywives?

Hooah & Smooches


  1. That is very cool! I grew up in So. Cal and I miss seeing places where they filmed stuff.

  2. Thanks Julie!

    That must be awesome I would love to visit the movie sets and studio lots in CA.

  3. I'm hoping to take a trip down there in june. can you tell me where I can find these places..thanks


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