Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Army Wife 101 R&R Diaries: Journey With Me Through The North Shore of Hawaii

Join me on a date while the kids are at school through the rainy North Shores of Hawaii....Enjoy!!!!


  1. Nice video! What editing program are you using?

  2. Awh< I love you video :) and thats awesome that you get to share your R&R with your hubby with us and that he dosent mind being in your video's :)

  3. Thanks Vanessa I use a program that's actually free on the net called Video Spin. I think the link is

    Awww Just A Girl your so sweet...Thanks I am truly glad you like it. Yes he likes trying to get in on the action of the videos lol!

  4. hubby and I ♥ the North Shore!! The waves are spectacular this time of year! Glad to see you having fun with your hubby :)


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