Tuesday, January 5, 2010

R&R:This Blog Entry is Rated R ...I Think !

Okay let me start by saying I apologize in advance if the below post is alittle to "risque" for anyone's taste. I pride myself on just being a down to earth kind of lady who with limitations likes to share whatever is on my mind and I am hoping that's what my readers will enjoy and grow to love about me. With that said continue on below and by the way that is not me or my husband in the picture above :)

I titled this entry that above only because I decided to go in depth alittle about some normal but intimate thoughts that I'm sure alot of us spouses go through when our partners are deployed. Although I know the vast majority of us don't enjoy deployments TDY's etc, I do find these separations a chance to try new things and I also have fun preparing for that first night of their return.

So after all those long drawn out thoughts I sit here with 8 tabs open on my browser, three of them include Frederick's Of Hollywood,Victoria Secret and Hips & Curves. In my deepest fantasies I want to be quite erotic with 6 inch red pumps , a garter belt , and pinned up hair that falls into a cascade of curls when I shake it out .

Haaaaaa writing that last sentence above made me bust out laughing because while it could happen ummm no! I mean I'm no prude but I am accident prone and spending a romantic night at the onpost Acute Care Clinic with a sprained ankle isn't exactly on my list of plans.

In any event anytime the hubby is deployed I find myself always day dreaming about him coming home and how we are gonna have this whole new improved intimate life (Not that their is anything wrong with it but after a few months of not doing it, their is always something to improve). I am currently working on making those fantasies reality and have created a list below of things I am working on for the first night he is home which I have entitled *ahem) The Grand Opening (go on and laugh...I am).

1. Making a Playlist
Yeah I am not the greatest downloader( Yea I know that's probably not even a real word) so I headed on over to Youtube and started searching for some of my favorite romantic songs.

2. New Candles
I am going to head on over to Ross and restock my candle supply. Their are some great "get the mood going" candles and Ross always has the best ones, you just have to really search through their stuff.

3. Comforter Set
Yup along with those candles I am getting a brand new comforter set. I figure hubby has been sleeping on a piece of metal for the last few months , the least I can do is have a nice plush bed waiting for him.

4. Night time Attire
Last but not least is the "evening attire" it's not necessarily a must...but why the heck not?
As I mentioned I am working on that part and I am sure it will be a winner hehe!

So ladies I want to know when hubby is away for any reason do you try to make his "homecoming" special? Feel free to share in the comments portion below.

Again I hope no one finds this post offensive :)

Hooah and Smooches


  1. LOL!! I so agree with you. This is our first deployment but we've been separated at most 3 months during his training travels. The moment he leaves I'm planning how to spice things up for his return. I too am on the heavy side and he always makes me feel sexy no matter how I really feel inside. So yeah, I do the lingerie, candles and music playlist. Never thought of the new comforter but I agree, he hasn't been in the most comfortable place so I'll definitely buy a new plush one on his R&R. Do you have an iPod or music device? What I do is plug mine into our speaker and have a premade romantic playlist. Also on the candles, sometimes we go scented sometimes we just use them for the ambiance. Either way I know he loves it and lets face it, it gets us in the mood, lol Thanks for sharing, I love your blog, I'm very much open on mine :-)

  2. Lol... I love the picture that you posted with this entry! I love Fredericks of Hollywood (as you may have already guessed by my past post... lol..) and I've sat down and spent many hours just pouring through the different lingerie sites. I always buy new lingerie and new PJ's because it's not just about the first night (Morning, afternoon, 2:30 in the morning....) he's home.

    For your mood song I recommend Boyz II Men, "I'll make love to you." It doesn't get any better than that!


  3. hip n curves awesome I have been eyeballing the little bo peep costume for months lol
    My husband was just home for Christmas exodus I had a nice new comfy comforter with a satin trim in apple red with matching satin sheets which we already had, tons of candles which is norm for us too, music, his favorite snackies and of course the wow outfit...homecomings are really nice thumbs up on your post

  4. Offensive?? Girl, you are so sweet!! hahaha You go buy all your sexy stuff to get your grown-folk reunion on!! Like my hubby says you be a lady on the street and a straight freak in the bedroom! Alright let me stop before I behave in a way I might offend you!! I liked this post :)

  5. You ladies are to funny lol!
    I am truly glad you all enjoyed the post and I will keep ya updated.

    Shelly my hubby would agree with Dwayne lol!

    Lisette hubby wanted to get me an Ipod a while back and I kinda told him no I guess I might wanna ask again lol. In the meantime Youtube lets you create Playlist that play continously so I have to use that for now. Thanks for the tip though sweetie!

  6. I try to have the house clean when he gets home. With 2 young boys, that's not an easy feat LOL. I've found that we don't always consummate his return right away. Depending on where he's been, it's a little harder than other assignments for him to fall into some of the old routines. He did find a site, bettersex.com that caters more to couples that we do frequent to keep things new though. After 10 years and 2 kids, sometimes you need something a little different.

  7. Thanks for that site Amanda I will check it out. I agree the kids can take the clean out of clean lol. I just try to keep it straight at this point :)

  8. hi ladies! i cant wait to see my hubby. i am reading all kinds of kindy book(if you know what i mean, .lol) and learning new tricks because offically we are still newly weds. i just cant wait to see him. i am buying lingerie and finding the perfect hairstyle;the works. he so deserves it!


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