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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Don't Leave Daddy!

I admit I am a sucker for these kinds of photos.
This one comes via NBC Philadelphia. This little girl did not want to let her daddy go and apparently no one had the heart to force her to move her away from him.


  1. Okay, and now I can't stop crying, Krystel!!!!! ;) What a sweet picture.

  2. I think that these moments are definitely the most devastating for a child so young (alright, so I feel the same way =D). Also, the moments when kids are reunited with their parents are so memorable but so sad ...


  3. OMG I'm all teary eyed. And they better not had moved her away either!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gosh...I'm am not looking forward to that day at all..:(

  5. Hey Ladies,

    OMG I was soo crying when I saw ...Poor baby!

    Mrs Cooper I am with you that would tick me off if they pulled that child away from him.

    Bessie I know it's extremely hard but you have my support...and I am here if you need to vent or talk.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!


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