Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do I Need To Make Friends & How Do I at My Duty Station?



Do you have to make new friends at your new home ...No!

Should you make friends at your new duty station....My answer is YES!

I will be the first to admit that I don't like having too many friends. It is not a military thing, it is just how I have always been. At the same time I am the coolest person and don't mind being friends (associates) with people just as long as their halfway normal and not "drama queens".

Unfortunately in the military life sometimes we have to step out of our normal everyday realm and put ourselves out there. With the constant moves , and deployments it is extremely important to make a friend or two who lives where you live and that you can talk to when needed.

During my husband's last deployment I always was worried about what if I were to pass out in this house and no one knows, or who would watch my kids in an emergency. Besides emergencies I thought about less worse things such as being in my house for 15 months alone in another state and not knowing a soul, no matter how much of a loner you are the thought of not knowing a single sole is pretty depressing.

So I am here to tell you yes their is literally a way to make friends at your next duty station before you get there. When I arrived in Hawaii I had already made some great friends...who gave me time to get settled and then a chance to get to know them more.

Ok ok I know your like well damn it tell us how already *smile*

1. Visit the sites listed below. Each of these sites has a separate message board community for each Army post.
*Married To The Army
*Military SOS

2. Visit Meetup and see if their is a Military Wives meetup group in your area, or a local group which meets one of your interest. This could include scrapbooking, playgroups etc.

3. When I PCS'ed here to Hawaii I searched out military wives groups on Myspace and I even used the search feature to find spouses in this area and then sent them messages privately.

4. Visit your Army post ACS building and get a list of different spouse groups available on and offpost. PWOC is just an example of one of the different programs on bases worldwide available to spouses. In this case PWOC is a women's ministry on military installations. If that isn't your cup of tea check out the Enlisted Spouses Club on your base.

Word of advice don't be persuaded by other views of groups such as Spouses clubs. Everyone has varying opinions and you don't want to lose out on a potential great support system just because of one person's opinion.

Moral of the story make a friend me you will definitely need one!

Hooah & Smooches



  1. thanks for this Krystel! I am going to Kansas at the end of November and I dont know a soul..would love for you to connect me with your contacts there. I wish I knew you while I was in Hawaii because I was Extremly lonely

  2. The pictures are 2 cute just wanted to let you know that you got award over at my site! I got that stupid code where you cant copy anything on my page so go take it off the blog that gave it to me LOL!!!!

  3. I'm like you, I don't have a ton of friends. I have always made friends with some for them to turn around and treat me like dirt. So I go with making a few good friends because the ones who are true friends will last a lifetime!

    Living the military life is a great way to meet new and interesting people, which is one of the pluses from the life!

  4. This is so great and wonderful pre-planning here before your move! I happened to, well it divinely worked out that I got to know one of the girls who my hubby served with/from a prior deployment(she was in his network and gave her my email when she wrote one day),.. then when he came back from the next deployment, him and I got married; I moved to NY; and for 3 mths her and I were then neighbors and already best friends! she was my sanity as I adjusted those first few months as newlyweds in Watertown, NY
    it was glorious for companionship and happy lunches and stuff! Super essential for the military wife! I am smiling as I read this loving tidbit for others! ~luv Jenn


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