Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweets Sweets and More Sweets!

In the spirit of Christmas and the holidays I decided to step away from the Army realm of things for a minute and talk about one of my favorite topics FOOD!!!!!

Yes I admit my addiction to food has got me in alittle bit of trouble. Alittle extra hip here alittle hip their, but hey it's the holidays and I consider this my time to shine(and eat) when it comes to food.

Of course I have been blessed to meet some great friends here in Hawaii whom I want to give something special to and have found that one of the best and least expensive items to give is food.

This year my food gift list is as follows:

Black & White Chocolate Lollipops (If I can find my candy know how PCS moves cause you to lose everything)

Sugar Cookies with Homemade Icing...Check out last years cookies a friend and I made below.

Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles

This is my full size pic of "Hershey's Chocolate Cake" but I plan on making small personal size ones as gifts.

Last but not least my famous "Bacon Onion Spinach Quiche" is on the gift menu this year as well.

Of course I couldn't leave this post without remembering our soldiers...With that said my favorite recipe site Allrecipes is holding an awesome contest for the 25 days of Christmas.

Each day they will pick a nominated soldier to receive four dozen cookies specially baked from the Allrecipes kitchen. Visit here to enter your soldier.

Feel free to share your favorite sweets and treats for the holidays and be sure to visit the DFAC for more recipes from yours truly!

Hooah & Smooches


  1. I also saw the contest on I'm really glad that you mentioned it though. =D


  2. wow look at all that yummy stuff!!!

  3. Stop it, Wicked Temptress! LOL! Seriously though, Krystel, those look divine!!!!!!!!! Let me go work out before you have me making a Krispy Kreme run up in here!! *Must.resist.Krystel's.Temptation.*

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Everything looks so delicious!1 Hope you have a wonderful and weet Christmas ;)

  5. It's a great contest Enchante :)
    Sheliza those poundcakes you made looked extremely delicious.
    Execumama you are too funny lol...Yes I am wickedly evil when it comes to tempting others with food *smile* I am glad you like though and their's more to come so stay tuned!
    Thanks Erin enjoy your trip and Merry Xmas!

  6. I'll give you my address and you can ship my carepackage ;) No really those treats look divine!

    Merry Christmas!


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