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Pardon My Dissappearance!!!!

Hey Everyone,

Army Wife 101 is currently being transferred to Wordpress. In just a few short days I shall return at  Army Wife 101's new home in the Wordpress format.

I hope you enjoy the new layout to come and the easier navigation.

Stay Tuned for more Army spouse news and 2 great reviews/giveaways that tie in with "Spring Cleaning".

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Army Wives Season 4 Premieres Tomorrow Night at 10PM EST!!!

Just a reminder season 4 of Army Wives premieres April 11th at 10PM EST. I will be doing weekly recaps here at Army Wife 101 so be on the lookout.

Below are my Season 3 Finale Recaps.
(Keep in mind these videos were shot in October of 2009...I tend to ramble I was just learning hehe)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Army Wife 101: Homecoming Day

The video below is a continuation of the discussion about things we do on homecoming day on the AW101 Facebook Fan Page.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woah is Me....This Damn Deployment

Another update and rants about the never ending thing called a "deployment"!

Do I Have to Pay for My Baggage on the Airlines when PCS'ing????

I have received numerous questions asking if military dependents are required to pay for baggage (excess accompanied baggage) when traveling on PCS orders. The answer is, it is at the discretion of the airline.

According to the DOD site:

Q6. If I am a member under a PCS order, does the exception also apply to my dependents traveling under my PCS travel order?
A6. Although your dependents traveling under your PCS travel order are official (i.e., Government) travelers, most airlines do not consider them to be ‘members’, and airline procedures vary. Please consult with your CTO/TMC for your specific flight requirements.

So you ask how do you find out if you will have to pay for excess baggage on your next PCS flight?

On my last PCS here to Hawaii we flew Delta airlines. Before we left I called Delta and was informed that as long as our names and the wording authorized dependents appeared on the PCS orders that we would not be charged for excess baggage. Of course being me hearing it from a representative was not enough and I needed more confirmation. I was then told that Delta has a Military Desk which you can reach by calling Delta and asking to be transferred. I was able to verify the below policy through them. I also printed the policy out in a case the representative at the airport was not aware. The policy listed below goes for each individual dependent listed on the orders.

*Active duty U.S. military personnel traveling on orders to or from duty stations are allowed up to three checked bags in Economy Class and up to four checked bags in First and Business Class on Delta and Delta Connection® carriers at no charge. Each bag may weigh up to 70 lbs. (32 kg) and measure up to 80 linear inches (203 cm).

American Airlines specifies their military dependent excess baggage policy here.

Now for the sake of me writing a long rambling blog post I will spare you and sum this up by saying:
At the end of the day your best bet is to call the airline and find out policy for dependent authorized travel. To find other airline baggage policies google *the airline* + military baggage.

Below are important links that you will want to keep in your bookmarks that will explain reimbursement should you get charged and more:

Official DOD Excess Baggage Policy

More from the DOD on Excess Baggage Policy

Best of Luck!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Military Discount Monday 04/05/2010

Me & The Family Using Our Hero Salute Discount @ SeaWorld
Remember spouses I always talk about making the best of your duty station. The discounts I list below may possibly be for a cool new place to explore in your area. Check them out and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

1.Yogi Bear Jelly Stone Parks are offering military discount at their various campsites in:
*More Information at


Estes Park:  15% off campsites

Canon City:  10% off RV sites (except Holiday weekends)


Breman: 15% off active and retired military
Monticello:  10% off campsites (except 4th of July weekend)
Illinois Goodfield:   10% off campsites
Cave City:  10% off campsites & cabins
Louisiana Lake Charles:   10% off campsitesRobert:   20% off campsites
Hagerstown:  15% off campsites for active duty
Massachusetts Sturbridge:   10% off campsites
Michigan Grand Haven:   15% off campsites for active military, police and fire (no holidays) Silver Lake:   10% off campsites (except during month of July)
Pelahatchie: 10% off campsites for active military
Branson: 15% off campsites
Eureka:   10% discount off campsites and rentals during rest of season.
New Jersey
Mays Landing:  10% off campsites
New York Mexico:   10% off campsitesNorth Hudson:   20% off campsites for active duty only (except holidays)
North Carolina
Tabor City:  10% off campsites (except holiday weekends)
Aurora: 15% off campsites for active military, fire and police (no holidays)
Quarryville:   10% off campsites (2 night minimum stay, no holidays)Mill Run: 10% off campsites to active duty only
South Carolina
Swansea: 10% off campsites for active military
Tennessee Gatlinburg:   10% off campsites for active duty onlyNashville:   15% off campsites
Waller: 10% off for active military
Virginia Natural Bridge:   10% off campsites for active duty only
Emporia:  10% off campsites
Wisconsin Wisconsin Dells: 20% off campsites and rentals (except Boo Boo™ Chalets)
Ripley's Aquariums in SC offers 75% off service members and immediate dependents

Colonial Williamsburg is offering military families a Military Key-to-the-City Pass, available exclusively at your MWR/ITT Office. Visit for more information.

Sears is offering an ongoing special for Military Families 
20% off your Studio and Online portrait purchases. More information available at
10% Sitewide Discount - 
code: MILITARY2008 during checkout.
Exp: 12/31/2010

If you live in Minnesota you can take advantage of this cool discount

Last but not least this is one I am sure alot of people know about but I will put it up regularly as a reminder.

1. Boxes from the USPS are free. This is in addition to the Free Care Package kit. All you have to do get more free boxes delivered right to your door is visit and click on "Order Supplies".

To learn how to get your free package kit visit my post on Care Packages.

Hooah & Smooches

Who is Army Wife 101?

I hope everyone had a great Easter !
Mine was okay no hubby to share in that special time with but that's the life right?

In any event as of lately I have been receiving many emails and Facebook messages asking me exactly who I am. I decided to do a video of me this past Friday in my jammies eating Ramen Noodles and explain to you in my own crazy way who I am ....well sort of :)

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